Super Tuesday – for you Momma’

hero vote

My Mom called me Monday night urging me to get out and vote.  I don’t need much urging to vote but it was fun to hear Mom rant about the candidates and her excitement over Obama.

So dear Momma’, this posting is for you. I don’t need to tell you who we voted for here at Hero Bag headquarters but our candidate’s name rhymes with the word Momma’


One response to “Super Tuesday – for you Momma’

  1. I love my hero bags. I leave them in my car and use them where ever and whenever I shop: groceries, bookstores etc. They serve me very well.
    Here in plastic heavy Philadelphia I always get questions whenever I use them commenting “how attractive” and utilitarian they are. A few of the larger stores here are encouraging alternate bags by offering a three cent rebate for each one of your own bags you bring to carry away your purchase. Some stores are even coming out with their own “eco-friendly bags” with one of them even made of plasticized cloth!
    We need more Hero bags in Philly! Come East please!

    Philly Shopper

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