Pork Lovers Rejoice!


Attention all pork lovers! Finally a lunch bag worthy of carrying your porcine goodies to work.

Pay homage to the delicious pig with our first lunch bag designed for the serious food lover. Made to fit your largest homemade BLT sandwich,  snacks and a tall beverage.

Hero Bags’ original pig butchery artwork and ‘Lunch’ silk screened on the front. Simple shape inspired by origami and a cotton napkin. Made in the USA in a fair labor factory out of organic cotton grown in Texas.


2 responses to “Pork Lovers Rejoice!

  1. Wow I’m a pig lover! What I mean is, I’m fond with pigs especially when the drawing is very cute. I like the idea of this bag, I can put colors in it. =) I agree this would be a perfect gift for Christmas. Oh well, its getting nearer, another practical and fabulous gift this Christmas is giving something more useful and reusable, something that would last and will truly express your care as well as sincere love to your love ones and friends. You might love the idea of giving stainless steel tiffin containers. You can obtain it at Happy Tiffin site (I’ve just found recently.) This lovely eco-friendly stuff would fill your satisfaction to express your unlimited love to the people whom you cherish. 😉

  2. These are too cute! You should get Chef Chris Cosentino to stock them at his restaurant, Incanto. 😉

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