Hero Bags was founded by San Francisco Industrial Designer Susanne Pierce Maddux.

Susanne is a former member of Apple Computer’s celebrated Industrial Design group as well as a design consultant to Nike, Sony, Kuhn Rikon, Revo Sunglasses and a host of Silicon Valley start ups. After years of designing consumer products for the high tech industry Susanne founded Hero Bags on the belief that amazingly cool products can be made here in the USA out of American grown materials. Designed in California and stitched by a small fair labor certified factory here in the USA.




5 responses to “About HERO BAGS

  1. Loretta Vance

    Your wedsite is Great.

  2. Vicky Manley

    Hi Susanne,

    Your website is designed so well. I love it!


  3. I saw your coverage on prlog.org and thought yours was a compelling story. Herobags belongs on the top of every shopping list for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and every other occasion throughout the year!!

  4. Aya from Anuschka Bags

    Is there any available colors for here bags?

    Mia from http://anuschkahandbags.org/anuschka-bags

  5. Aya from Anuschka Bags

    Sorry I mean Hero Bags

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