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We’re big in Japan…. well kind of.

One of our favorite Hero Bags customers, Masayo Yumoto and her daughter Sakura recently went home to Tokyo and came back to San Francisco with a story worth sharing. Strangers in a restaurant trend spot Masayo’s Hero Bags and offer to buy them from her!

Masayo shares her story with us in her own words.

“When I went back to Japan this Summer to see my family, I brought several bags from Hero Bags as gifts for each of my family and friends. Although I thought that their Bags would be loved by all generations, I bought several different kinds of bags such as lunch bag, wine tote, picnic tote, book bag and shopping tote etc. for all my siblings, parents and friends. I brought all of them to a restaurant where I had a lunch with my family in Japan.  Then I showed bags one by one to my families to let them choose.  Of course, they liked bags a lot and picked up their favorite ones, but more surprisingly other guests sitting next to us were also interested in bags and spoke to me.  They were 2 ladies that had special interests in lunch bags.  They first asked me about the bag, then prices.  So I briefly explained about the bag that these were made by my friend in San Francisco and tell them that I can give those bags for a special price.  Since Japanese have a little bit shy nature and normally do not speak to others in a public space, I was very impressed that strangers spoke to me.  And I thought that they came to me because bags were very attractive to them.  So I was happily offered to sell them the bags. I am sure that they are proudly introducing these lunch bags to their community and I wish that they will be more proud of their foresight when Hero Bags will be popular in Japan in the future.”
Thank you Masayo for brokering our first International Hero Bags sale!


Peace, Love & Pirates – The Collection

Introducing the Peace, Love & Pirates lunch bag collection from Hero Bags. This trio of lunch bags is the cutest, hippest set of lunch bags on the streets today.

How did we do it you ask?  Here at Hero Bags HQ in San Francisco, we start with our  superior zipper-top lunch bag design made from certified organic cotton from Texas silk screened with high quality inks, free of phthalates, PVC and heavy metals.  Then we set out on a quest for the fun stuff, awesome design themes and killer graphics.

To find out what’s hip and happening with kids today; we hung out with the cool kids at playgrounds, lunchrooms, soccer fields, and pizza parties – we checked out Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute on YouTube and played a little Wii Super Mario – we broke down the Kidz Bop success formula and dissected Justin Bieber’s hairstyle and dance moves.  Finally, we refueled with big bowls of mac & cheese and drew inspiration from the all-time mega-hit – Star Wars: Episode IV!

What did we learn? That, shockingly, pink hearts are crazy popular with girls (resistance is futile), that Peace signs are back baby (and gender neutral!), that pirate skulls are hot (and cool) right now and that kids are insane, fun, romantic, imaginative and unpredictable and – oh yeah and that Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope is the best movie made EVER.

Who’s carrying these awesome bags?  Whole Foods of course (ask ‘em to order if you don’t see them in the house wares section) – as well as smart & savvy retailers all over the U.S and of course online at Hero Bags